Legal information

This website is maintained by PauseAI Global.

PauseAI Global (Stichting PauseAI)

The following contains information about the Dutch legal entity behind PauseAI:

  • Name: “Stichting PauseAI”
  • KVK number: 92951031
  • RSIN: 866227696
  • Tax/VAT number: NL866227696B01
  • Bank Account: NL31BUNQ2109903155 (donate )
  • Goal: “Mitigate the most catastrophic risks of AI.”
  • Founding date: 13-02-2024
  • ANBI status: Yes, since 13-02-2024
  • Contact: Joep Meindertsma
  • Address: Skopjestraat 26, 3541ES Utrecht, The Netherlands

ANBI status

The ANBI status is a Dutch tax status for charities. It allows tax-free and tax-deductible donations and other benefits for the charity and its donors. Stichting PauseAI is a registered ANBI since 13-02-2024. Check the status here

(page in Dutch).

To qualify for ANBI status, the charity must meet certain requirements


  • Needs to serve the public interest.
  • No profit motive, money must be used for the goal of the charity.
  • Various publication requirements (such as this page).

Policy Plan 2024-2025 (“Beleidsplan”)

It is our goal to prevent catastrophic risks from AI. We aim to achieve this by taking the following actions:

  • Grow a community of volunteers to advocate for AI safety.
  • Inform the public through social media, writing articles, participating in interviews/podcasts , and organizing events.
  • Facilitate community growth by organizing social events.
  • Distribute donations to projects that align with our goals.
  • Organize protests and other forms of activism to raise awareness about the risks of AI.
  • Educate volunteers on how to become more effective advocates.
  • Research policy measures and update our proposal accordingly.

Financial accountability (“Financieele paragraaf”)

We raise funds to support our activities through donations , selling merchandise (through the store

) and applying for grants. The funds will be used to cover the costs of our activities, such as hiring people, travel expenses, materials for events, marketing expenses, and other costs related to our mission. We also expect to provide grants (“PauseAI MicroGrants”) to volunteers who want to organize events, create content or otherwise contribute to our mission. Our first bookkeeping year is longer than one year - it starts from our founding date (13-02-2024) year ends on 31-12-2025, after which we will publish an annual report. Received funds are managed by the board and are used to cover the costs of our activities. If we receive more funds than we can spend, we will save the excess funds for future activities.

Report of activities

A list of media appearances and organized protests can be found on their respective pages. Social media posts can primarily be found on X

. Our Discord server
is by far our most active community, averaging 100 messages per day.


  • Joep Meindertsma (Voorzitter / Chairman)
  • Michiel van den Ingh (Penningmeester / Treasurer)
  • Otto Barten (Secretaris / Secretary)

Remuneration policy

The board members do not receive any remuneration for their work. They are entitled to reimbursement of the costs incurred by them in the performance of their duties.

Financial accountability

Our first annual report will be published after the first fiscal year ends on 31-12-2025.

PauseAI US

  • Name: PauseAI US
  • Nonprofit Corporation - CA - Public Benefit
  • Entity Number: 6071248
  • Registration date: 01/24/2024
  • Formed in: California
  • Status: Active
  • Contact: Holly Elmore

PauseAI UK

  • Name: PauseAI UK Ltd
  • Incorporation date: 28th December 2023
  • Company number: 15373608
  • Director: William Baird

Relationship between entities

PauseAI Global is responsible for:

  • Facilitating the growth of the movement.
  • Helping local PauseAI entities.
  • This website and the managing the online Discord community.
  • Volunteer management and growth.
  • Global social media.
  • Organizing digital events.
  • The global strategy and theory of change.
  • The global financials and fundraising.
  • Microgrants .

The national/local entities are responsible for: