PauseAI MicroGrants

We have a huge list of projects that our community is working on. There’s so much to do. And sometimes we need funds to be more effective. But getting funding can be a hassle - especially if you’ve never applied to a grant.

This is where PauseAI MicroGrants come in handy! Small amounts of money (typically under 2000 EUR) for working on a project. We’re pretty open about what types of projects could apply. Here’s a list of examples:

  • Organize an event, like an email lobby session (fee for organising, location rental, food & drinks)
  • Make videos about why we need to Pause AI
  • Help out with the website, e.g. writing articles, making technical improvements
  • Do research, e.g. for the #“AI Safety Scorecard”.
  • Work on a policy draft, e.g. formalise our proposal
  • Perform market research, e.g. a survey or message-testing study
  • Write for media, e.g. write an opinion piece for a national newspaper

The process

  • Describe your project in the #💪projects channel on our Discord server. Tell about the idea, what you want to do, where you want help and what amount of money you need. Mention @microgrants to notify the microgrants team!
  • Fill in the MicroGrants Template
    and send it to joep@pauseai.info
  • We reach out to you. Either a) we give an OK right away, b) we want to see some changes/questions answered or c) give you a no.
  • We’ll send you a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that you need to sign.
  • Get to work!
  • Tell us when you’re done, and we’ll send you the grant. If you need the money upfront, we can discuss that option, but it should not be the default.

Who will fund

  • PauseAI will fund 10,000 EUR
  • Greg Colbourn will fund an additional 10,000 EUR