How we grow the PauseAI movement

Our core goal is to implement our proposal and prevent AI catastrophe. But how do we get there? Individually, we can only do so much. This is why we are a movement, a community something bigger than ourselves.

Growth strategy

  • Be visible. We cannot grow if we are not seen. We need to be present in the places where people are. We need to be visible in the media, in the streets, and in the halls of power.
  • Be transparent. Do as much in public as possible. Prefer public channels over DMs. Make digital meetings public. That way, people can chime in and help out. It also makes it easier to trust us.
  • Be courageous. We don’t just speak up, we act. Protesting is scary and costly, but it’s necessary. We need to be brave and take risks. Courage inspires courage.
  • Be welcoming. We want to be a group that people like to be part of. Allow people to join, even if your opinions differ from theirs. We’re united by our goal.
  • Be recognizable. We have a clear, visual brand with a recognizable logo and color scheme. Our name says what we want: PauseAI. Our assets are free to use and can be easily found.
  • Give people responsibility. We give up some of our control to let others grow. We make big asks and give big responsibilities. When people feel in control, they are more likely to act.
  • Be a teacher. Nobody is born an activist or a lobbyist, but we can learn to become one. Share your lessons and experiences, and help others to grow.
  • Be personal. We share our personal stories and emotions. People connect with people, not with abstract ideas.
  • Build alliances. We are not alone. We need to work with other groups and movements. We can learn from them and they can learn from us.

Help out

Join our discord server and see what you can do to help us grow.