Teams of PauseAI

PauseAI consists almost exclusively of volunteers (sign up here

). We are organized in teams, each working on a different aspect of our movement. Every team has a leader, regular meetings, and a Role on the discord server
. Check out the vacancies to see some specific roles that you could take.

  • Funding
    • Write grant requests, stay in touch with funders
    • Make sure donations are working
    • Manage strategic communications surrounding grants & donations, including the pages for theory of change and roadmap
    Team leader: Joep Meindertsma
  • Mass Mobilization
    • Facilitate the formation of local groups.
    • Set up the structure to make it easy for people to join and start a local group.
    • Lead the Organizer meetings, where local organizers share ideas and improve on their local groups.
    Team leader: Guido Reichstadter
  • Partnership
    • Find common goals and potential for collaborate
    • Keep track of which orgs are reached out to, who're in touch with who
    Team leader: Chris Gerrby
  • Oversight
    • Keep track of the progress of the various teams.
    • Chat regularly with team leaders.
    • Identify needs for teams (most notably skills, people) and help find these.
    • Make sure that the teams are functioning well (have a leader, have regular meetings, share their meeting minutes).
    • Manage internal information (Google Drive)
    Team leader: Felix De Simone
  • ECI
    • Set up a treaty draft.
    • Set up a European Citizen’s Initiative petition
    • Get 1.000.000 signatures through a large-scale EU-wide campaign.
    Team leader: Giulia Consonni
  • Lobby
    • Send emails to politicians.
    • Meet with politicians.
    • Make sure our CRM is functional.
    • Educate PauseAI members about lobby actions.
    Team leader: Felix De Simone
  • Protest
    • Plan (international) protests, set dates, respond to events
    • Make sure the Social Media & Press teams are helping out where needed
    • Have a clear message and strategy for protests
    • Empower local protest organizers, give them materials and educate them
    Team leader: William Baird
  • Onboarding
    • Welcome new members who join through Discord, newsletter or fill in the join  form.
    • Help new members find their way around and help them find a team or project to join.
    Team leader: Maxime Fournes
  • Social Media
    Team leader: Joep Meindertsma
  • Organisers
    • Report back on how local organizing efforts have been going
    • Share best practices with other local organizers
    Team leader: Felix De Simone
  • Microgrants
    • Decide on which Microgrants applications are funded
    • Manage the Microgrants process and page
    Team leader: Joep Meindertsma
  • Data Science
    • Use surveys and data analysis to understand what people think about AI risks and how they can be convinced.
    Team leader: Joseph Miller
  • Discord
    • Moderate the Discord server.
    • Optimize the Discord onboarding process.
    • Set relevant Roles and Channels.
    Team leader: Patricio Vercesi
  • Press
    • Write press releases.
    • Maintain the /press  page (including materials and a list of articles about PauseAI).
    • Contacting journalists and getting articles published about AI risks and PauseAI.
    Team leader: Hugo Guzman
  • Software
    • Maintain the website, the Discord bot, the CRM and other software tools.
    Team leader: Maxime Fournes
  • Volunteer Action Portfolio
    • Make it easy for members to take meaningful actions.
    • Have a portfolio of a select few projects that PauseAI can officially endorse and support.
    • Host the public Action meetings, where members share their activities and progress.
    Team leader: Chris Gerrby

Become a volunteer

If you want to join one of the teams, reach out to the team leader and sign up as a volunteer!