Teams of PauseAI

PauseAI consists almost exclusively of volunteers (sign up here

). We are organized in teams, each working on a different aspect of our movement. Every team has a leader, members, a Google Drive folder and a Role + private channel on the discord server
. Other than that, Teams are free to choose how they want to work. Check out the vacancies to see some specific roles that you could take. If you want to create a new team, reach out to the Oversight team leader (see below).

  • Funding
    • Write grant requests, stay in touch with funders
    • Make sure donations are working
    • Manage strategic communications surrounding grants & donations, including the pages for theory of change and roadmap
    Team leader: Joep Meindertsma
  • Partnership
    • Find common goals and potential for collaborate
    • Keep track of which orgs are reached out to, who're in touch with who
    Team leader: Chris Gerrby
  • Oversight
    • Keep track of the progress of the various teams.
    • Chat regularly with team leaders.
    • Identify needs for teams (most notably skills, people) and help find these.
    • Make sure that the teams are functioning well (have a leader, have regular meetings, share their meeting minutes).
    • Manage internal information (Google Drive)
    Team leader: Felix De Simone
  • Recruiter
    • Reach out to many people from outside of PauseAI
    Team leader: Michelle Runyan
  • ECI
    • Set up a treaty draft.
    • Set up a European Citizen’s Initiative petition
    • Get 1.000.000 signatures through a large-scale EU-wide campaign.
    Team leader: Giulia Consonni
  • Lobby
    • Send emails to politicians.
    • Meet with politicians.
    • Make sure our CRM is functional.
    • Educate PauseAI members about lobby actions.
    Team leader: Felix De Simone
  • Strategy
    • Manage the Theory of Change and Roadmap pages
    Team leader: Chris Gerrby
  • Protest
    • Plan (international) protests, set dates, respond to events
    • Make sure the Social Media & Press teams are helping out where needed
    • Have a clear message and strategy for protests
    • Empower local protest organizers, give them materials and educate them
    Team leader: William Baird
  • Onboarding
    • Welcome new members who join through Discord, newsletter or fill in the join  form.
    • Help new members find their way around and help them find a team or project to join.
    Team leader: Maxime Fournes
  • Social Media
    Team leader: Joep Meindertsma
  • Organisers
    • Report back on how local organizing efforts have been going
    • Share best practices with other local organizers
    Team leader: Felix De Simone
  • Microgrants
    • Decide on which Microgrants applications are funded
    • Manage the Microgrants process and page
    Team leader: Joep Meindertsma
  • Data Science
    • Use surveys and data analysis to understand what people think about AI risks and how they can be convinced.
    Team leader: Joseph Miller
  • Discord
    • Moderate the Discord server.
    • Optimize the Discord onboarding process.
    • Set relevant Roles and Channels.
    Team leader: Patricio Vercesi
  • Press
    • Write press releases.
    • Maintain the /press  page (including materials and a list of articles about PauseAI).
    • Contacting journalists and getting articles published about AI risks and PauseAI.
    Team leader: Hugo Guzman
  • Software
    • Maintain the website, the Discord bot, the CRM and other software tools.
    Team leader: Maxime Fournes
  • Volunteer Action Portfolio
    • Make it easy for members to take meaningful actions.
    • Have a portfolio of a select few projects that PauseAI can officially endorse and support.
    • Host the public Action meetings, where members share their activities and progress.
    Team leader: Chris Gerrby

Become a volunteer

If you want to join one of the teams, reach out to the team leader and sign up as a volunteer!