Partnership Opportunities with PauseAI

PauseAI is dedicated to preventing AI catastrophes through grassroots activism, policy advocacy, and public engagement. As a volunteer-driven organization, we bring together a diverse network of individuals and groups committed to addressing the extreme risks posed by artificial intelligence. We invite organizations and individuals to partner with us in this critical mission. Our unique value propositions highlight how collaboration with PauseAI can amplify your impact and drive meaningful change in AI policy and awareness.

PauseAI’s Unique Selling Points

  1. 100% Volunteer-Run: Genuine passion and commitment.
  2. Grassroots Lobbying Expertise: Direct line to policymakers.
  3. Protest Experience: Organizing public demonstrations and attracting media.
  4. Flexibility: Adaptable and open to new activities and partnerships.
  5. Public Engagement: Skilled at mobilizing public support and awareness.

PauseAI offers unique benefits to a variety of organizations and individuals, enhancing the collective effort to address AI risks. Here are our tailored value propositions:

Think Tanks

  • Grassroots Perspective: Unique insights from our volunteer-driven activism inform policy recommendations.
    • Direct Citizen Feedback: Volunteers gather real-time public insights on AI issues.
    • Diverse Viewpoints: Our volunteers’ varied backgrounds help identify policy blind spots.
  • Public Engagement: Mobilize public support for think tank initiatives.
  • Real-world Testing: Test and refine policy ideas through citizen lobbying.
    • Immediate Feedback: Present proposals to lawmakers and gather feedback.
    • Iterative Refinement: Track and refine proposals based on political responses.
  • Amplification: Increase the reach of publications through our campaigns.

Lobby Groups

  • Complementary Tactics: Our volunteer network provides public pressure to complement lobby groups’ direct engagement with lawmakers.

Research Groups

  • Data Collection: Assist with large-scale surveys and qualitative data through volunteers.
  • Research Dissemination: Translate complex findings into accessible formats.
  • Practical Application: Test and implement research outcomes in advocacy scenarios.
    • Field Experiments: Test public communication strategies.
    • Policy Implementation Trials: Advocate for new policy recommendations and gather implementation data.
  • Funding Support: Jointly apply for grants requiring research and public engagement.

Networks of Professionals

  • Diverse Skill Set: Access our multi-disciplinary volunteer base.
  • Public-facing Arm: Provide a more activist-oriented public presence for professional networks that prefer to remain neutral.
  • Cross-sector Collaboration: Connect professionals with other stakeholders.

Small Advocacy Organizations

  • Resource Sharing: Pool resources for larger events or campaigns.
  • Complementary Tactics: Combine expertise for comprehensive advocacy.
  • Volunteer Exchange: Share volunteers for capacity building.
  • United Voice: Present a unified front on AI risk concerns.

Media Outlets

  • Story Generation: Provide newsworthy actions and events.
  • Expert Connections: Facilitate interviews with subject matter experts.
  • Fact-checking: Verify AI-risk related news items.
  • Public Opinion Insights: Share grassroots data on public sentiment.

Academic and Technical Experts

  • Platform Amplification: Share expert knowledge with the public.
  • Real-world Feedback: Provide insights on theoretical concepts’ public perception.
  • Research Opportunities: Connect experts with potential study participants.
  • Policy Impact: Translate recommendations into policy actions.
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Facilitate connections with experts in related fields.

Public Intellectuals and Thought Leaders

  • Audience Expansion: Introduce ideas to new audiences.
  • Concept Testing: Test and refine ideas with an informed group.
  • Media Opportunities: Generate media coverage through events.
  • Public Engagement: Interact with engaged citizens.
  • Content Creation: Collaborate on accessible, impactful content.

Influential Decision-Makers and Policymakers

  • Grassroots Support: Demonstrate public backing for AI-risk initiatives.
  • Public Opinion Gauge: Provide insights into public sentiment.
  • Crisis Response Support: Mobilize volunteers for emergency communication and action.
  • Policy Refinement: Iterate and improve policies based on feedback.

Social Media Influencers and Digital Content Creators

  • Fact-checking and Expertise: Ensure accurate information in content.
  • Engaging Content Ideas: Provide real-world stories for authentic content.
  • Audience Engagement: Connect with our passionate volunteer base.
  • Trend Amplification: Boost AI risk-related campaigns.
  • Educational Partnerships: Create shareable content to raise awareness.

International Organizations and NGOs

  • Cultural Translation: Adapt messages for local contexts.
  • Rapid Mobilization: Organize responses to emerging threats.
  • Grassroots Feedback: Gather ground-level feedback on AI safety programs.
  • Cross-border Collaboration: Connect local activists with global initiatives.

Interested in exploring partnership opportunities?

Send an email to joep@pauseai.info