Learn why AI safety matters

One of the most important things you can do to help with AI alignment and the existential risk (x-risk) that superintelligence poses, is to learn about it. Here are some resources to get you started.


  • AISafety.com
    & AISafety.info
    . The landing pages for AI Safety. Learn about the risks, communities, events, jobs, courses, ideas for how to mitigate the risks and more!
  • AISafety.dance
    . A more fun, friendly and interactive introduction to the AI catastrophic risks!
  • AISafety.world
    . The whole AI Safety landscape with all the organizations, media outlets, forums, blogs, and other actors and resources.
  • IncidentDatabase.ai
    . Database of incidents where AI systems caused harm.



Podcasts featuring PauseAI members can be found in the media coverage list.


If you want to read what journalists have written about PauseAI, check out the list of media coverage .




If you are convinced and want to take action

There are many things that you can do . Writing a letter, going to a protest, donating some money or joining a community is not that hard! And these actions have a real impact. Even when facing the end of the world, there can still be hope and very rewarding work to do.

Or if you still don’t feel quite sure of it

Learning about the psychology of x-risk could help you.