Open Volunteer Vacancies for PauseAI

  • We’re doing all of this as volunteers, and we need more help.
  • We work in teams
  • Check out the people who you may work with!
  • We collaborate mostly on our Discord server

Social Media Director

  • 8 to 16 hrs a week
  • Lead the Social Media Team (multiple volunteers with diverse relevant skills, some of who create and edit videos)
  • Stay up to date on AI (safety, governance) news
  • Run our Social Media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram)
  • Share our messages on social media and engage with others
  • You enjoy posting things on social media, have a good feeling for marketing and have knowledge of AI safety and governance!

Interested? Mail to Joep

Petition Campaign Organizer

  • We’re planning to set up a large scale petition, where we’ll need a lot of signatures.

Interested? Mail to Giulia

Discord Team member

  • Write the Server Guide
  • Rethink channels and categories to make the server less overwhelming and more productive
  • Moderate

Interested? DM Pato in Discord

Onboarding team member

  • 2 to 4 hrs a week
  • Say hi to new members who join through the discord or the form.
  • Have one on one calls to find the right team

Interested? Mail to Maxime

Recruitment team member

  • Help PauseAI reach new communities, attract members and spread awareness
  • This is something you can do independently in your spare time, with little need for coordination with others
  • Come up with campaigns of people you would like to reach out to, and contact them (whether by email, phone, DM, or in-person)
  • Please consider joining if you have a non traditional background or location - this could help us to reach new groups!

Interested? DM Michelle in Discord