PauseAI Members Page

Welcome to PauseAI! This page is meant to list to the various resources that we have available for our members.

Organization structure

  • Legal entities : PauseAI consist of one international entity, and several local / national legal entities. This website and the social media accounts are managed by the international entity. National entities can have their own website and their own way of doing things.
  • People (Volunteers) : List of registered volunteers who have opted to show their profile and have committed to work on PauseAI for at least some hours a week.
  • Teams : Our volunteers work in all sorts of teams. Every team has its own leader, Discord channel, drive folder and of course list of members. Reach out to a team leader to join a team!
  • Local communities : Check if there already exists a community in your area. Most groups are communicating in our discord server, in the #local-meetups channel (If you want to create a new local group, post there!). Some groups are using tools like Whatsapp or a seperate Discord server.

Onboarding process

  1. Sign up as a member (on the join page or on Discord)
  2. Someone from the onboarding team reaches out to you for a one on one!
  3. Sign up as a volunteer
    . A volunteer is the next step - it involves signing an agreement, sharing your profile on the web page (if you want to) and joining one of the teams .

Educational resources


Tools used

  • Discord
    for internal coordination / chats.
  • Gmail
    for @pauseai.info email addresses.
  • Google Suite
    for documents, spreadsheets, files, folders.
  • Trello
    is used by some teams for issue / ToDo tracking. (org name: pauseaiinfo)
  • Figma
    for designing flyers and other graphics. (template here
  • Airtable
    for managing teams, volunteers and responsibilities.

Social Media

You can find us on Discord

(this is where most of the coordination happens!), Twitter
, Substack
, Facebook
, TikTok
, LinkedIn
, YouTube
, Instagram
and Reddit
. You can mail/contact us at joep@pauseai.info