People of PauseAI

  • Chris Gerrby
    Growth Director
    Founded AIS Collab, AIS Sweden, Stockholm Center for AIS.
  • Jasper Stammes
    As a community builder in effective altruism, I know that we
  • Joep Meindertsma
    CEO, Founder (PauseAI Global)
    I'm a database engineer / tech entrepreneur from the Netherl
  • Greg Colbourn
    I first heard about AI extinction risk in 2009, and was conv
  • Michiel van den Ingh
    Board member (NL)
    As a board member of PauseAI I try to contribute to finding
  • Joseph Miller
    Data science team lead
    I'm an AI Safety researcher working on mechanistic interpret
  • Alex Alarga
    From digging into Climate Change during my Social Science da
  • Giacomo Bonnier
    AI represents just the pinnacle of the issue; we must recons
  • Will Petillo
    Convinced of AI risks since 2011, moved to act by ChatGPT, I
  • Jonathan Salter
    Co-founder of AI Safety Collab, head of EA Stockholm, been d
  • Holly Elmore
    Executive Director US
    I had been aware of AI Safety as an issue since 2014, but I
  • TJ Faber
    After using ChatGPT for the first time, my future changed dr
  • Patricio Vercesi
    My entire view of the world and life plans have changed beca
  • Denys Sheremet
    I'm a master's student in AI, working on AI Safety. The fiel
  • Yanni Kyriacos
    Hi, Yanni here! After spending 15 years doing marketing in t
  • Tyler Johnston
    I don't know how exactly AI will change our world, but I do
  • Tess Hegarty
    I’m doing a PhD in Civil Engineering Engineering at Stanford
  • Nathan Metzger
    I see the history of human flourishing largely as a story of
  • Moiri Gamboni
    I'm a software engineer. When I first read about AI existent
  • Maxime Fournes
    CTO (PauseAI Global)
    As a former researcher and engineer in the field of artifici
  • William Baird
    Executive director UK
    I learned about AI safety approximately 13 months ago and ha
  • Guido Reichstadter
    Hi! My vision is lots of people on the go, bringing a stop t
  • Aryan Suri
    I have been obsessed with AI for years. I believe it has the
  • Howard Cheng
    At 10, a shark encounter while scuba diving sparked my zest
  • Michelle Runyan
    I want AI to be used for good applications and not those tha
  • Jan-Erik Vinje
    I am a 46 year old family man with wife and two kids working
  • Sophie Wucherer
    Through Effective Altruism, I first encountered AI Safety in
  • Felix De Simone
    Organizing Director (PauseAI Global)
    I’m a political organizer by training, an aspiring science-f
  • Giulia Consonni
    I'm a former IT security analyst, former software engineer,
  • Tara Steele
    I’m a writer & web-designer with a background in criminal in
  • William Justin Wilson
    My interest in AGI became real and substantial after reading
  • Matthew Carroll
    I'm a freelance digital marketer with 8 years of experience
  • Louis S. Berman
    I like to refer to myself as a “failed retiree,” in that I l
  • Robert Kralisch
    I'm an independent AI Alignment Researcher. I'm imaginationa
  • Hugo Guzman
    Press team lead
    Horrified by the prospect of corrupt multinational corporati
  • Ori Nagel
    Founder of the Undenial Club meetup. I work by day as a tech