PauseAI Protesters Code of Conduct

As a participant in a PauseAI protest, I commit to adhering to the following Code of Conduct to ensure a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment for all:

  1. Nonviolence: I pledge to maintain a peaceful and nonviolent demeanor during the protest. I will not engage in any form of physical or verbal aggression, nor will I instigate or provoke others to do so. Violence is the quickest way to undermine our message and jeopardize our cause.
  2. Respect: I commit to treating all individuals, including fellow protesters, law enforcement, and bystanders, with respect and dignity. I will refrain from using offensive language or making derogatory remarks, and I will respect the rights of others to express their opinions, even if they differ from my own.
  3. Safety: I understand the importance of ensuring the safety of all participants and will follow established guidelines and protocols to maintain a secure environment. I will report any potential hazards or threatening behavior to protest organizers or law enforcement immediately.
  4. Inclusivity: I pledge to create an inclusive atmosphere, welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. I will be mindful of my own biases and assumptions, and I will strive to actively listen and learn from others.
  5. Solidarity: I commit to standing in solidarity with the PauseAI movement and its goals. I will avoid actions or statements that may undermine the message or reputation of the movement, and I will actively support my fellow protesters in their efforts to promote responsible AI development.
  6. Compliance with Laws: I understand that I am responsible for complying with all applicable local, regional, and national laws during the protest. I will cooperate with law enforcement officials and follow their instructions, as long as they do not conflict with my rights or safety.
  7. Responsibility: I acknowledge my personal responsibility to uphold the values and goals of the PauseAI movement. If I witness any violation of this Code of Conduct, I will report it to protest organizers or other appropriate authorities.
  8. Action over doom: I will focus on constructive dialogue and promoting actionable solutions to address the challenges posed by AI development. This approach will create a more empowering and hopeful atmosphere, encouraging others to join our cause.

By adhering to this Code of Conduct, I pledge to be an ambassador for the PauseAI movement and its mission to promote the responsible development and use of artificial intelligence. Together, we can create a powerful and positive force for change.

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