San Francisco's 3-Day Picket: Demanding Pause on Advanced AI Development Near OpenAI

Who are we?

We are a group of people who are concerned about AI safety. This picket aims to raise awareness about uncontrolled AI development risks and urges an international AI safety summit for policymakers and the public.

“Unregulated general-purpose #AI would IMHO be even dumber than eliminating all seat belts, traffic lights and speed limits.”

Max Tegmark, renowned AI safety advocate

Inspired by Future of Life Institute’s Open Letter “Pause Giant AI Experiments”

, signed by notable figures like Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, Andrew Yang, and Max Tegmark.

Organizers encourage a peaceful and respectful environment and invite participants to use the hashtag #PauseAI on social media. We will be carrying signs.

This will be the first protest in history to address AI safety.

Why at OpenAI?

OpenAI is currently building the most powerful AI models. They are in the lead with the capacities of GPT-4. Their decision to open up the GPT APIs to plugins has accelerated the development of AI drastically. Still, we have a lot of respect for the work that OpenAI has done, and the people who work there.

We believe OpenAI is in the perfect position to take responsibility and support a pause on giant AI experiments.

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